The Old Man of the Holy Mountain by Mark Zimmerman

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Sample Excerpt from
The Old Man of the Holy Mountain
by Mark Zimmerman

read by Margo Sailor

This Deep Longing In My Heart

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One lovely spring day, a youth traveled to the mountain range to the south, in the land of the seven cities. And as the sun was shinning in the blue sky, and the birds were singing in the fields and valleys, the youth set about to make a journey through the mountains.
And as he walked the summit of a great mountain, he came upon a small log cabin hidden in a ravine, not far from the top of the mountain.
He approached the cabin, and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He quietly opened the door, and saw an elderly bearded man sitting calmly at an oak desk.
The youth asked, "What are you doing?"
And the Bearded One replied, "I am finishing the biography of a man I once knew. There, it is finished. Would you like to hear it?"
"Yes," said the youth, "but before you begin, tell me, I am searching for someone, who came to live in these mountains some fifty years ago."
"What about him?" said the Bearded One.
"I do not know much about him," replied the youth. "Where I come from, he is part myth and part legend. I do not even know if the stories about him are true. All I know is that he was once the disciple of a very old wise man. That when the wise man died, he brought his body up into these mountains."
And the Bearded One said, "Why do you seek him?"
The boy answered him saying, "I know not why I seek him. I feel this deep longing in my heart, but I do not understand this feeling. I was hoping that maybe, being a disciple of a wise man, he himself may have become wise. And I seek an answer to this feeling, this longing in my heart."
"I maybe able to help you," said the Bearded One, "for I know everyone who lives in these mountains. But first, appease an old man, and listen to this story."
The youth said, "I would be happy to listen to you."
The Bearded One began to read aloud the book he had just finished writing. And these are the things that were written therein:

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