Meditation Method and Theory of the Self
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The "Meditation Method and Theory of the Self" pages describe the theory of the action and result of meditating on a particular topic.

For example, one may have resolved as one's goal to overcome frustration, but in place of what? What attitude appropriately brings a cessation to frustration by replacing it? Thus ending it? The answer is frustration ends where patience begins. Or, one might look at it like out of frustration patience develops. Here we see the control mechanism for  frustration coming into existence by the birth, growth and creation of patience.

See a sample meditation technique in the next column.

Sample Meditation Technique

Knowledge of frustration, the disposition to focus the ten senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, feeling, thought, consciousness, memory and experience upon frustration, is a part of the transformation process, which brings about the cessation of frustration, and the birth, growth and creation of patience.



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