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The "Knowledge of the Self" pages are the point of intellectual self-realization. The reader comes to understand that frustration, for example, cannot be completely understood unless all of its associated parts are known. That frustration is a part of a larger whole referred to as a subject.

Each "Knowledge of the Self" page expresses a single topic by showing all of its relationships and connected parts via hypertext links. The total sum of the parts for each topic forms a whole called a subject.



Each page is associated with one of six subjects: Unhappiness, Satisfaction, Happiness, Nirvana, Parinirvana and Selflessness. The combined total of these six subjects form a single top subject named "The Self."

"The Self" and all of its total parts are grouped into the Encyclopedia of the Self.



For more instructions click here: Description and Meaning of the Self or Meditation Method and Theory of the Self.

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