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Clicking on a link to a dictionary definition opens a second browser window.

To return back to the e-book, use Alt-Tab to switch browsers or Alt-F4 to close the browser.

These dictionary definitions are from Webster's 1913 addition and reflect the feelings of the time.


Topics in the Encyclopedia of the Self are hypertext linked from the e-books to a dictionary definition.

Focus your attention on the dictionary definition. Follow your curiosity. Ask yourself, "What does it mean, and how does it relate to me or someone I know?" Give yourself time to think about each word.

When you feel an understanding and a connection to the definition, you have formed a snapshot of an aspect of yourself or others.

By focusing your whole mind on each definition, you will create associated pictures or self-knowledge.



These pictures gradually grow to form a larger self-portrait. You will naturally use these pictures to control and master your positive and negative emotions.

For more instructions click here: Thesaurus of the Self or Classical Literature Library.



Tip: When reading a definition, associate your personal experiences with that part of the definition which applies to you or someone you know.

Important: Not every part of the definition will be useful. Try to identify that part of the definition which gives a name to your experience.

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