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Dictionary Information: Definition Realism
Thesaurus: Reality
Description and Meaning:
The Discrimination of Knowledge of Reality
The Discrimination of Knowledge of Ultimate Reality
The Experience of Reality
The Experience of Ultimate Reality
The Cessation of Discrimination of Knowledge of Reality
The Cessation of Discrimination of Knowledge of Ultimate Reality
Knowledge of Reality
Knowledge of Ultimate Reality

  Realism (Re"al*ism) (?), n.
[Cf. F. réalisme.]

1. (Philos.) (a) An opposed to nominalism, the doctrine that genera and species are real things or entities, existing independently of our conceptions. According to realism the Universal exists ante rem (Plato), or in re (Aristotle). (b) As opposed to idealism, the doctrine that in sense perception there is an immediate cognition of the external object, and our knowledge of it is not mediate and representative.
2. (Art & Lit.) Fidelity to nature or to real life; representation without idealization, and making no appeal to the imagination; adherence to the actual fact.
(-- 3. the practise of assessing facts and the probabilities of the consequences of actions in an objective manner; avoidance of unrealistic or impractical beliefs or efforts. Contrasted to idealism, self-deception, overimaginativeness, or visionariness. --)

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