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Dictionary Information: Definition Overcome
Thesaurus: Goal
Description and Meaning: Unattainable Goals, Attainable Goals

  Overcome (O`ver*come") (?), v. t.
[imp. Overcame (?); p. p. Overcome; p. pr & vb. n. Overcoming.]
[AS. ofercuman. See Over, Come, and cf. Supervene.]

1. To get the better of; to surmount; to conquer; to subdue; as, to overcome enemies in battle. "This wretched woman overcome Of anguish, rather than of crime, hath been." Spenser.
2. To overflow; to surcharge. [Obs.] J. Philips.
3. To come or pass over; to spreads over. [Obs.] "And overcome us like a summer's cloud." Shak.

Synonyms -- To conquer; subdue; vanquish; overpower; overthrow; overturn; defeat; crush; overbear; overwhelm; prostrate; beat; surmount. See Conquer.
Overcome (O`ver*come"), v. i.

To gain the superiority; to be victorious. Rev. iii. 21.

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