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  Consciousness (Con"scious*ness) (?), n.

1. The state of being conscious; knowledge of one's own existence, condition, sensations, mental operations, acts, etc. "Consciousness is thus, on the one hand, the recognition by the mind or "ego" of its acts and affections; -- in other words, the self-affirmation that certain modifications are known by me, and that these modifications are mine." Sir W. Hamilton.
2. Immediate knowledge or perception of the presence of any object, state, or sensation. See the Note under Attention. "Annihilate the consciousness of the object, you annihilate the consciousness of the operation." Sir W. Hamilton. "And, when the steam Which overflowed the soul had passed away, A consciousness remained that it had left. . . . images and precious thoughts That shall not die, and can not be destroyed." Wordsworth. "The consciousness of wrong brought with it the consciousness of weakness." Froude.
3. Feeling, persuasion, or expectation; esp., inward sense of guilt or innocence. [R.] "An honest mind is not in the power of a dishonest: to break its peace there must be some guilt or consciousness." Pope.

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