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  Conditional (Con*di"tion*al) (?), a.
[L. conditionalis.]

1. Containing, implying, or depending on, a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or granted on certain terms; as, a conditional promise. "Every covenant of God with man . . . may justly be made (as in fact it is made) with this conditional punishment annexed and declared." Bp. Warburton.
2. (Gram. & Logic) Expressing a condition or supposition; as, a conditional word, mode, or tense. "A conditional proposition is one which asserts the dependence of one categorical proposition on another." Whately. "The words hypothetical and conditional may be . . . used synonymously." J. S. Mill.
Conditional (Con*di"tion*al), n.

1. A limitation. [Obs.] Bacon.
2. A conditional word, mode, or proposition. "Disjunctives may be turned into conditionals." L. H. Atwater.

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